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  • Among the many installations that we have done in commercial complexes, Master key is one which has been very common. It has been used by numerous institutions like Hostels, Hotels, Offices and Hospitals. Though the master key can open all the locks, no other key can open the lock of other room or cabin.


    These are special types of locks which allow one Master key to open all the locks. But if you have lost any of the key, your security officer should not hand over the Master key to any employee or guest. By doing this, they can be helping crime. Even if they have to open the key, they should go themselves and open they key. It is in the benefit of the organization that they make the key of the room as soon as possible.

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    Other than Master Key, we, at Locksmith Pleasant Hill have also made many installations in malls and supermarkets. They have special entrances and exits so that the doors will open only when people are on the right side. There are special load sensors located below ground in the desired places, so that when people come to that place the switch is activated and door opens.

    The installations of cctv at various places has also become very common to any type of commercial locations. It has become very popular today and the footage can be used by law as proof against crime. For getting any assistance from Locksmith Pleasant Hill, you can dial xxx and call them. If it is emergency, our van will arrive within 30 minutes to your location. Our van is also loaded with all the right tools and modern equipment which can help in getting over the emergency situation. Our only focus for all these years has been the customer satisfaction and you will experience the same from us.

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