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  • Do you consider your home to be safe enough? Are you sure you won’t face burglary chance at your home when you are away on vacation? If not, you may do well to call Locksmith Novato by dialling Locksmith Novato.


    We, at Locksmith Novato are professional locksmith service provider providing residential locksmith services for different homes and residential complexes.We, at Locksmith Novato have a combination of contemporary and old fashioned locking system whereby we discuss with you and decide for the cheapest option available with bare minimum risk.

    To keep the thieves at bay, you can switch on & off your lights from your location using smart phone. You can also keep them on during specific period like evenings and at night it will switch off. This creates an impression that the house is not vacant and there is somebody there.


    Please feel free to call Locksmith Novato for all your locksmith needs


    This distracts the thieves and they are deterred from trying burglary at your home. We, at Locksmith Novato also have some sensor based alarm systems which will give alarms when somebody is in your house or near your house. You can also set up the cameras at your location so that if somebody enters the home, you can record it and use as evidence against him.

    We, at Locksmith Novato rescue those kids who got locked inside their home. We, at Locksmith Novato have also opened the locks when we have got calls from distressed mothers or wives regarding the key being inside. Locksmith Novato team is always ready in the emergency van and sets off to help clients as soon as they receive the calls. After completing your call, you can time your watch for 30 minutes, as we, at Locksmith Novato shall arrive well before that.

    We have duplicated the keys or rekeyed the locks. We, at Locksmith Novato also give suggestions to people seeking to upgrade their security. Most of the time our clients are not aware of the new products that have come up and go for older costly products.

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