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  • Lost Key Replacement

  • Lost your keys to the office, house, car or garage? We know how frustrating it can get. It is very common amongst people to lock themselves out of their property by mistake.


    We often lose our keys and even the spare keys to our apartment, car or office.

    Let us look at a few remedies in case you find yourself stuck in any such annoying predicament.


    • Spare keys – Our locksmith services, at America Mobile Locksmith, include spare key arrangement, spare key repair and replacement. Contact the branch nearest to your area and let our trained officials take care of the rest. Having a spare key saves you from the frustration of getting locked out. It may not be possible for you to carry your spare keys always. Make sure you leave a set with your trusted neighbors or friends!
    • Magnetic Case for Keys – Sometimes you may not want to keep your spare keys with outsiders. We are a registered locksmith service provider company in America and we provide cost effective magnetic cases in different styles and sizes for you to hide your keys in. Hide the case, but make sure you can access and retrieve your spare keys when in need.
    • Lockout Services – You may find yourself stuck in house lockout, garage lockout, office lockout or even car lockouts. Do not panic even if you do not have your spare key. Contact the nearest America Mobile Locksmith service provider. We provide 24 hour emergency security assistance for all your lock and key problems.


    Security systems in residential, as well as, commercial properties have advanced and regular locksmiths may not be proficient at handling modern lock and key systems. We, at America Mobile Locksmith, have an extensive network of trained locksmith technicians who can handle all sorts of security systems. When in need, we are just one call away!

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