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  • Locksmith South San Francisco has a separate division within itself which is dedicated to automotive locksmith services. Such are the complications in the locking systems of the car that they need a dedicated team so that they can keep themselves updated with any new car coming up with that new security system.


    Due to the huge competition in the market, vehicle makers have been developing innovative solutions. We, as a locksmith company, cannot guarantee that only old car owners will have problems with lock. There can be latest vehicle owner who has lost the key or whose transponder key is not working. We as a Locksmith company have to be ready for all customers. We have the technology to repair lock & key problems for old cars as well as the new cars.

    There are also problems faced by owners during the ignition of the car. The transponder key when in ON position will transmit some signals and there is a responder in the engine which responds to the signals. Upon getting the response, the engine will start. These keys have some chips fitted inside it. Normal locksmith will not be able to reprogram these keys in case of problems.


    Please feel free to call Locksmith South San Francisco for all your locksmith needs.


    There are special equipments and hence only a dedicated service can solve the problems. We do not want you to suffer outside your car at midnight just because you have lost your keys. We, at Locksmith South San Francisco are Robin Hood to such people and will come for your rescue even in the darkest hour.

    You can keep a note of our emergency number Locksmith South San Francisco so that you can call us whenever you or one of your friends has some problem. If you are looking at updating your car security system, you can immediately call us or email us on our email id _______. We reach the location within 30 minutes of receiving your call.

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