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  • The only professional locksmith service with a friendly touch! This is how we would describe ourselves. Our first focus is to get the work done qualitatively. And we, at Locksmith Sausalito do that in a friendly manner.


    Our customers are at ease and they forget all their tension as soon as we arrive.This is because of the good aura surrounding us that we are able Locksmith. Locksmith Sausalito have technicians who are able in their own manner to get around any locksmith difficulty. They have over the years proved themselves to the people around. The locks & security business is one like fire brigade or police. Emergency is quite a normal when we go around. People call us when they are not able to find their keys.


    Please feel free to call Locksmith Sausalito for all your locksmith needs


    People call us when they have broken their keys into the doors. People call us when the key is not moving in the keyhole. They will also call us if the lock is not opening in spite of the proper key. Now for all these things, people cannot wait for eternity to solve their problems. They need quick solutions. They give us a distress call and thankfully we arrive at their location within half an hour.

    Following our promise to reach them within half an hour itself decreases their blood pressure. Our interaction is so friendly that they forget that they were in tension. For seniors we even offer a discount for the emergency service. The emergency vehicle is always geared up with all the equipments needed for solving locksmith problems. Our technicians are also always ready in their uniform to serve the emergency call.

    If you have not noted our number till now, please note it as Locksmith Sausalito and save it in your cell phone. It might be required by your or any of your friends or relatives at any time.

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