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  • Imagine the situation that you are in movie theatre for the night show and get a shock when you come to the parking space and see your car door lock is not opening. Whatever strength you use to turn that key, the lock would not open and your key breaks into the lock. You are now stuck in the middle of night and have two options-either to leave your car & hire a vehicle to go back or wait for locksmith to repair the lock and extract it.


    You cannot take the risk of parking your car in that location. Many cars have been intruded and things have been taken off. If you are not so sure about the locksmith services, you can try Car Locksmith San Lorenzo once. We, at Car Locksmith San Lorenzo provide our services even in the night and can reach you within 30 minutes. Our service van which is loaded with all types of modern equipment will come to your place and the technicians will be at work immediately. After giving you the estimations, they will go about doing their work and you will be free to go home within no time.

    Please feel free to call San Lorenzo for all your locksmith needs


    Our services will come as a surprise to you. Over the years, we have helped many vehicle owners to get into their car, we have helped many to start their ignition with the key. We have repaired numerous trunk locks and fuel locks. If you are facing any of the situations relating to the locking system of your car, you can immediately call San Lorenzo. Car Locksmith San Lorenzo has technicians who are fully licensed and insured. You can even call us if you are trying to install a security system for your car to make it more secure. You can also get a message on your phone if somebody is tampering with your car.

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