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  • Are you dissatisfied with the services that your last locksmith gave? To avoid such bad experiences, you should always take services of standard locksmith services companies. And Locksmith San Bruno stands among the top of the pack.


    We put a great value on our name and hence always try to give good experiences to our customers. We also offer a full 90 day guarantee for the work we have done and the products that we have installed. You cannot find such good services anywhere around this city. We really respect older people and they require more security than in their younger days. We, at Locksmith San Bruno have a special discount scheme going for them.

    We can set up video cameras for them so that their children can monitor if everything is alright. We, at Locksmith San Bruno can also set up an alarm system wherein if there is something wrong and one button is pressed, the children will immediately know about it.


    Please feel free to call Locksmith San Bruno for all your locksmith needs


    We also have a full length training program for our technicians. We give them training about all the new locks, what are the new equipments that have come up and also the behavior part of it. All our technicians are bonded, insured and licensed. We, at Locksmith San Bruno provide all kinds of services to our customers. We are literally a one stop solution for any locksmith related matter.

    We have products and we can install them. We, at Locksmith San Bruno also repair them if there are complaints. We serve homes, we serve offices, we serve hospitals and we also serve cars. Our ultimate aim has always remained ‘customer satisfaction’ and we strive for that continuously. We, at Locksmith San Bruno are aware that our name Locksmith San Bruno is attached and it is big enough that we maintain our standards. We are not like any local locksmith. You can talk to any of our customers.

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