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  • Locksmith San Anselmo has the necessary experience and the skill set through which it has become the darling of the corporate world for providing Locksmith services. We, at are the number one choice of the business houses when they consider their office security needs.


    Be it shifting to the new office or rearrangement in the old office, there are locks & keys involved and we provide them with all. We, at Locksmith San Anselmo have decorative latches as well as the access card systems which can be used in any shops or office.

    Over the period of time, we, at Locksmith San Anselmo have also appended our services with door closers, latches, rekeying and Master key systems. The biometric attendance systems also have become common where more than 10 workers / salesman are there.


    Please feel free to call Locksmith San Anselmo for all your locksmith needs


    The system does not need maintaining of manual registers but directly enters the time when they report to work. Their number of hours worked are directly calculated from that biometric system. For offices where they have to restrict the access to the whole building, we have specific chips put in the identity cards. These identity cards are just flashed outside the building, so that the gate opens.

    In case there are different floors and no employee assigned to some floor should be able to go on another floor without permission, the same card is also programmed with access to the assigned floor. This card will not be able to open the door on another floor. The above system increases the overall security of the building as well as the floors. If the floors are of different owners, then it becomes more necessary for this kind of system.

    We, at Locksmith San Anselmo have more variety and quality of products which you would like to see. You just have to write to us on _____ about your requirements or timing for discussion, so that our team may report to you.

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