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  • Car Locksmith Richmond has been a pioneer in giving services related to lock and security. We have a combined experience of more than 50 years in the field of security solutions. Impeccable service has been our signature for years together and we have built our brand around it.


    You will not find such a wide range of locks anywhere in the city. You can check for yourself. We, at Car Locksmith Richmond have provided our lock and key solutions to endless clients and they have been telling our other customers about the way of our work. We, at Car Locksmith Richmond have provided our services to homes where people are very alert about the security.

    Especially while going on vacation there is a soar in demand from these home customers. We, at Car Locksmith Richmond have provided different types of alarm systems to them. There are some systems which will make big sounds to alert the neighbors if the doors or windows are tampered with. The neighbors can raise alarm and also call police in case of suspicion. Then there are other types of alarm in which you can directly get a message from the alarm system set at your house. You can even have the live streams of video camera into your phone or laptop when you are in remote places.


    Please feel free to call Locksmith Richmond for all your locksmith needs


     Whenever we get an emergency call from our customer – either for lockout or for making duplicate keys – we are the ones who will reach them within half an hour. We do not see whether it is day or night. We, at Car Locksmith Richmond can reach them even in the midnight of a weekend. After all, service is our core strength. We, at Car Locksmith Richmond keep ourselves ready all the time because you never know when your customer will call you. Giving reasonable prices for our products is one of our objectives. We even give a warranty of 90 days for any product replacement or labor work. Of course, till date we do not remember anyone has utilized that except when there were faulty products from our supplier. But even in that cases, giving as less trouble to customer as possible is our motto. 

    Our technicians are trained each week in any of the subjects – technical or customer oriented. This gives them the idea of behaving with the customer and how to talk politely with customer. The key is not to lose patience. Our experts are always busy gathering any information that may have loaded just now on internet and which may be given to our technicians. If we do not update our knowledge, we will become obsolete just like the other locksmith services companies around. Car Locksmith Richmond has become synonymous with top class service with reasonable pricing 

    We, at Car Locksmith Richmond have even set up various projects for our customers who want to upgrade their security. Such organizations or people ask for a quotation for the number of locks that they want and for their installation. Since we give total solutions, we have been hugely successful in completion of the projects in due time. Car Locksmith Richmond also gets lot of calls on the helpline xxx which are always open.


    Our Rates:


    • $14 Service call fee
    • Re-keying starting at $15
    • Changing Locks starting at $18
    • Lockout Service starting at $24
    • Fresh Installation starting at $39
    • Car Key Making starting at $79
    • Ignition Change starting at $90
    • Transponder Key starting at $50
    • Car Key starting at $60


    We specialize in:


    ○       Ignition replacement keys

    ○       Needing a car key cutter

    ○       Lock pick options

    ○       Make keys

    ○       Unlock door solutions

    ○       Re-key, lost car keys

    ○       Locked door and lock & key problems

    ○       Broken ignition key or ignition replacement

    ○       Problems with transponder chip key programming

    ○       Key cutting

    ○       Open trunk for lost keys

    ○       Unlock car door


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