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  • Supermarkets are somewhat different from conventional commercial complexes. They have a load cell based sensors on their entrance so that the doors can open on arrival of customers. Similar load cells are placed on exit doors. These doors open only when there are people on the desired side of the door. Locksmith Palo Alto are here to help!


    Then there are gates which are just before exit gates. If somebody is shoplifting things, the infrared sensors in the gates will detect and give an alarm. There are video cameras fitted at various locations to keep monitoring of the whole shop floor for any dire activity. There are also some restricted areas in the mall. These restricted areas have a particular type of lock which can be opened by flashing the identity card of the authorized person. There are also ‘Safes’ installed so that they can keep the hard cash that is generated by selling of products.


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    There are unique requirements of each type of complexes. Resident hotels will bring in different sorts of challenges in which there are different types of rooms. Each room has different locks. These locks are such that there is a master key which fits into each room lock. They also maintain video cameras so that they have their passages monitored always. Various types of people visit these hotels and cameras have been an imperative.

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