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  • Locksmith Moraga has always valued the business people. We, at Locksmith Moraga talk to them time to time and know about the problems related to security that they may be facing. We, at Locksmith Moraga update them about the new products that are available and how these products can help them.


    There are many new technologies that are coming up in the field of security. Our workplace is the space where we go daily and so have to lock it during night. What would happen if someday you do not find any key to open the lock. Or you have to lock and you are not able to find the key. If you are smart enough such situations won’t arise. If you had hired a professional locksmith service during initial installations, they would have guided you properly.

    Professional locksmiths are fully aware of the pros & cons of using some locks over others. If yours is a big office and you have lost your keys, you should still be safe as this will not necessarily call for immediate attention of locksmiths. Your professional locksmith service provider must have kept a Master Key with the Management, just in case some key is lost.

    Please feel free to call Locksmith Moraga for all your locksmith needs.


    When we, at Locksmith Moraga get an enquiry for any security installation, we guide our customers properly and let them know the options. Some options might increase the initial cost, but prove to be a life saving or timesaving ones in the long term. If the customers do not want to go with those options, it is their informed choice. Even if you take some decisions which might be detrimental in future, you should be well aware about the magnitude of trouble that it may cause.

    We have various products from which you can choose as per your need. If you are looking just for hardware, we can provide that. We have different kinds of hardware like Door closers, panic bar or burglary alarm. We also have different range of locks and each lock has different applicability. You cannot just choose any lock and install it at your office. We, at Locksmith Moraga also have electronic security gadgets which can help you in keeping your high security solutions.

    We, at Locksmith Moraga can install intercom, we can also have remote gate operators located at your entry gate. You might have some specific rooms or locations within your office where you want limited access. For such things, we can give access cards for some authorized person. They just have to flash their access cards at the entry point and the doors will open for them.

    We, at Locksmith Moraga are also providers of cctv cameras so that you can keep an eye on the whole factory or whole office from your corner room. You can get live telecast to your laptop or mobile. The recordings are stored for over a month. You can even go back to the recordings to locate your mischief maker manager. We, at Locksmith Moraga also provide some services where we are expected instantly. Our cars are ready for your service and will come within 30 minutes at your location. Just dial xxx for Locksmith Moraga.

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