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  • Vehicle owners have their own unique problems with respect to their locks. The car owners are puzzled when they insert the ignition key in the keyhole and do not get an ignition. They think that their fuel may be empty or there is some problem with the engine.


    But the new Ignition key is actually a transponder key. When inserted in the keyhole, it will give one signal to the engine. If it gets the response, it will facilitate the ignition. If it does not get a response, there will be no ignition. This may happen due to various reasons.

    Few of them may be completely related to fuel or engine problem, but others may relate to the transponder key. The transponder key comes with programmed chips in it. These chips send the signal and then receive it. Any problem in the program of the chips can put off the transponder key’s function.

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    Repairing those keys is a special job and there needs to be a trained mind to do it. Martinez Locksmith have special equipments which we use for repairing car locks. Our technicians are well trained in the art of repairing and re programming the transponder keys. They will do it for you and your car will start again. Leaving alone the Transponder keys, there are other types of locks in the car which are not conventional.

    The door locks are also different from what you have in your homes or offices. The door locks are of power windows are operated centrally as well as locally. There are situations when one of the door lock is not controlled by the central lock and this may pose a security problem for your car. You can keep our number handy, so that you give a call to Martinez Locksmith whenever in problem.

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