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  • In olden days, there were very few products that were used for locking purpose. Most of the offices, shops and homes would use the same types of locks. Slowly there were other kinds of locks that came into being. Their mode of operation was different.


    Their purpose was different. The other locks used for homes could be easily rattled by putting one rod in the space and then applying force on the rod, so that the lever in the lock opens. To avoid such things in shutter (Usually used for garages or shops) locks, there were some locks which had very small space after locked. Due to less space, no rod can be entered, and it could not be opened that way. It would need only key to open.


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    In those days, people could just go to any shop and buy the locks. If there were some types of latches and they could not fit them, they would find a carpenter or fitter who could fit them on their doors. If they had to make key, they would go to the Key maker who had this shop with all the instruments. If they lost key, they will either break into the lock or break the door itself. Then they will take care of the repairs.


    Today it is different. There are hosts of development that have taken place in every field. The field of home security or office security is no different. Here also companies have developed and innovated a host of products and there are innumerable products in this category. Products that cannot be handled by standalone stores. There needs to be a system and persons for handling so many products. As the products have increased, so has the difficulty in installing them.  Very different kinds of tool sets are required for installing these new products. The repair itself is very different. It is not easy.


    We, at Locksmith Danville have taken the onus on ourselves to improve the security style of this city. We, at Locksmith Danville have a 24 hours running emergency division in our company which will accept your call at any hour of the day and shall attend to your locksmith problem even in the midnight hour. We consider that your problem is our problem and shall do everything to take care of you. We have always gone to the last mile so that you are rescued with your vehicle or your home lock is opened because you are not finding your key. If you are facing such a situation you can immediately call Locksmith Danville on their hot number .


    We, at Locksmith Danville have set many a security systems for people living in residential societies. We have helped commercial malls to set up their complete security systems. We, at Locksmith Danville have a team of technicians who go to the location and set up all the systems required. We, at Locksmith Danville have designed the different systems required by client and executed them at their location. You can forward your query to our experts on our email id _____.


    Our Rates:


    • $14 Service call fee
    • Re-keying starting at $15
    • Changing Locks starting at $18
    • Lockout Service starting at $24
    • Fresh Installation starting at $39
    • Car Key Making starting at $79
    • Ignition Change starting at $90
    • Transponder Key starting at $50
    • Car Key starting at $60


    We specialize in:


    ○       Ignition replacement keys

    ○       Needing a car key cutter

    ○       Lock pick options

    ○       Make keys

    ○       Unlock door solutions

    ○       Re-key, lost car keys

    ○       Locked door and lock & key problems

    ○       Broken ignition key or ignition replacement

    ○       Problems with transponder chip key programming

    ○       Key cutting

    ○       Open trunk for lost keys

    ○       Unlock car door


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