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  • Regardless of what you do at your business, it’s important, and the last thing you want at work is to have a bad day. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to a bad day at work, but arriving at work and noticing that someone has been tampering the locks or has broken in is one of the worst feelings, and certainly makes for a bad rest of the day. Instead of sitting there fumbling through numbers in the phone book, and looking for a solution to your problem, give Car Locksmith Clayton a call.


    Regardless of what happened at your business, we are here to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. It’s hard to protect your business when you are not there, unless you have the proper security installed.


    A few security items that you may want to install for your business includes:


    ● Card reader locks

    ● electronic locks

    ● exit devices

    ● high security locks

    ● stone door locks

    ● door buzzers


    These are just a few commercial locksmith services we offer here at Car Locksmith Clayton. The current economic times are not great for everyone, and it forces some people to do things that they never would have if the economy was as it should be.

    Please feel free to call us for all your locksmith needs


    Due to this problem, your business faces being a target for break ins and theft on a daily basis. How do you prevent things like this from happening to your business? You should consider installing more security than you already have. Many people are under the impression that having dummy security cameras installed will keep the burglars away. These people are wrong! Technology has advanced 30 times or more since those cameras were manufactured, and criminals know this. On the other hand, you have some criminals who don’t care about cameras! Some criminals are good at what they do, and they can get in and out of your business, take everything that you have, and get out without you being able to recognize them. As scary as this sounds, you need to make sure that you are prepared for the worst case scenario.


    How can you be prepared? By installing more security for your business. A few extra things that you may want to add include:


    ● dead bolt locks

    ● panic bars

    ● master keys

    ● access control

    ● commercial lever handles


    Not only do these security measures protect your business, but they also protect your employees. One of the major responsibilities of being a business owner and keeping your employees and your business safe. The best way to do this is by making sure that you have installed every security piece of equipment there is by trained and skilled professionals, and here at Car Locksmith Clayton, we are all that and more! More than 10 business are broken into on a weekly basis in the area.

    Make sure that your business doesn’t become a statistic by installing the necessary security equipment. You never think when you wake up to go to work that there will be nothing to go to. No business owner wants to go to work to discover a building that was once beautiful, but now needs extensive repairs and other work that is expensive. Get a good night’s rest knowing that your business is safe and sound by calling Car Locksmith Clayton today!

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