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  • Vehicle owners have triple risk of home, office and their vehicle. They may have to call the locksmith service provider at any time. They can forget their keys of home, they can lose their keys of office or their keys will break in the keyhole of the door lock of their vehicle. In all the three cases, he will have to give an emergency call to locksmith.


    We, at Locksmith Castro Valley have observed that in maximum number of cases, it is the vehicle owners that give us emergency call. But whoever knows us will be patient and cool enough because he knows that there are dependable locksmith here who can reach us within half an hour and will design a new key for us. The transponder keys by which we, at Locksmith Castro Valley start the vehicles are also not the same as were in earlier days. Previously it was simple lock & key arrangement. Nowadays, the keys have been fitted with programmed chips which will send a signal to the engine and when the response is received will start the engine.


    Call Locksmith Castro Valley for all your locksmith needs.


    Till then there will be no ignition in the engine. We, at Locksmith Castro Valley have people who have been trained and equipped with the equipment which reprograms the transponder keys and shall start the engine without any problem. Many a times we neglect the locks of door or that of trunk. But it is always better to get it repaired by any locksmith as soon as you get the problem.

    There is no point in complaining that you do not have the time. You will never get it if you do not want to do the things. This applies at every action of your life. You have to give priorities to things and then do it. You just have to call on Locksmith Castro Valley and their team will get back to you.

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