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  • Usually there is not much rush in small shops. The owner can easily handle all the customers and what they want. But what happens when there is suddenly a rush. There are only one or two persons at the counter and they cannot handle the crowd.


    There are chances of theft during such times. Though such times may not be every time, but the theft done during this time may bear a big loss on you. Are you looking for a solution to this problem? It is better to put up a video camera at 2-3 locations in your shop. First, the video camera distracts the thieves who are not actual thieves but merely take advantage of the crowd. Second, even if anybody takes the things, it will be recorded and you can get him caught. The video tape is proof accepted by law. Third, it does not make a hole in your pocket to install this. From the day, since it was used as cctv camera, it has become a rage.


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    Every commercial establishment wants camera in their building, office or shop. It does not matter if it is a small shop or a big supermarket, cameras are must. We, at Locksmith Berkeley also have other new offers for our commercial customers who may not be aware of the locks. If you can call us for a presentation or send us an enquiry about the security upgradation of your place or installation in your place,

    we can let you know the various types of products available in the market for special needs. Some products are so fast moving that they have to be ordered again as soon as it has arrived. You can set an appointment with our expert now by dialing Locksmith Berkeley and talking with our team at Locksmith Berkeley.

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