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  • Locksmith Albany CA can offer them two solutions. The number one solution is that since it is a habit and they are likely to call locksmith to help them out, we, at Locksmith Albany would offer them a lifetime membership. They just have to pay us visiting charges and the membership charges! Funny, is it? Of course, we, at Locksmith Albany do not have any such schemes, but for such persons, there should be something otherwise it is difficult for their partners or their neighbors.


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    We, at Locksmith Albany have another option? Why not they keep a digital number lock, so that they do not carry their keys and hence no need to call locksmith? This will suffice persons to some extent but what about others who are so forgetful that they may even forget their number password. Do not worry. We, at Locksmith Albany are here. We have another solution. You can get a lock which opens with flash of card.

    You can carry your card with you which will also act as a key. You can keep that card as an identity card with you. Oh! I again forgot that you keep on forgetting things. The best solution for you is to keep a biometric lock. You just have to keep your thumb on the proper place of lock and you can open it. Now, I don’t think you can forget your thumb anywhere. For more options and consultations regarding your home security, please contact us on our number Locksmith Albany. Team Locksmith Albany would get in touch with you.

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