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  • We, at Locksmith Alameda have been in the profession of giving locksmith services since last decade. And you will not find any other Locksmith service provider around us who is so popular amongst people. When we, at Locksmith Alameda saw the new types of locks coming in the market about 10-12 year ago, we were immediately struck with the business service possibility and we immediately planned and executed the same.


    Now we, at Locksmith Alameda have one of the most exclusive showrooms in the city and we have served thousands and thousands of people like you who had come to us just for seeing the lock. The new age locks are such that it is not everybody’s cup of tea to set them up at their home or office.

    They need a trained technician who is capable of installing the locks at their homes. At Locksmith Alameda, all the things come together. Once you come here for any lock or security need, you will be sure that we shall supply you the same and even install wherever applicable.


    Call Locksmith Alameda for all your locksmith needs.


    The best part is that we even offer a guarantee period of 90 days for parts supplied by us and the labor work done by us. If there are any elders at your home, our special discount goes out for them. We, at Locksmith Alameda strike an instant chord with your elder family members and it is this attitude of ours that has kept us in good faith with families across the city.

    We, at Locksmith Alameda are the most trusted brands in the Locksmith services companies in the neighborhood. We, at Locksmith Alameda not only give our regular services but also give other suggestions to our clients so that they can keep themselves safe or keep their hardware safe with proper maintenance. Most of the people have our number on their telephone list. Do you have? If not, please note it now, Locksmith Alameda is our hot line.

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