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  • Are you looking towards buying a new lock for your home? You can come to us before buying any product. We, at Lafayette Locksmith have different kind of range for all products related to locks and security. There is no need to buy from us, but you will do yourself a favor if you come to us for looking at the range of products.


    You will definitely find newer and better options that you may be currently considering for your home. It is our specialty that we offer advice without being over sensitive to any product. We, at Lafayette Locksmith want to help our customer select the proper choice and not the costliest choice.

    Our method of work has made many customers for us who come to us from each and every corner of the city. We have different kinds of locks and customers can choose as per their requirement. We have 5 lever lock, 7 lever lock, we, at Lafayette Locksmith have lock which can be locked without the use of key.

    Please feel free to call Lafayette Locksmith us for all your locksmith needs


    This kind of lock can be used, wherein there are two partners living in one house and the other always goes after the first one. The second partner can put the lock. When he comes, the first one has already opened the lock. Or there can be situations, when there is guest in your house, who wants to leave after some time. You cannot miss your office and you can just advise your guest to put the lock when they want to leave.

    You can also give us a call whenever you have some difficulty with lost key or broken window. We are always available and you can call Lafayette Locksmith on . We, at Lafayette Locksmith also take Turnkey projects to set up all the security products in your new home or if you are refurbishing the house, you can call us for security solutions.

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